Voks Tracer One Fixed Point Steel Tip Darts - 23g



Voks Ultra Slim Steel Tip Darts

90% Tungsten

Steel Tip Fixed Point

1 Set of 3 Soft Tip Darts

Tear drop indented front end.

Tapered out into a series of shark grips.

Within that shark body are open horizontal cuts.

Tear drop indention tapered to the back.

All Voks Dart Sets come in a sets of 3 with Voks logo Engraved on the barrel.

Voks Darts come with Shafts, Points, Flights, A Point Protector, Designer Pouch and Designer Packing.

Barrel Length: 51.56mm

Max Diameter: 7.92mm

Voks in designed and manufactured in the U.S. Dart Brokers is proud to carry these high quality products.