Viper Defender II Black Dartboard Reversible Surround



Viper Defender II Black Dartboard Reversible Surround

Square-shaped Foam Dartboard Surround.

Built together by 4 pieces for easy carrying and made reversible to show either the Viper logo design or a plain black.

Size: approx. 71.5cm in width and height.

Diameter for board placement: approx. 45cm


BANG! Missed the dartboard again. There goes your dart, straight into the rec room wall, leaving yet another unsightly hole in your already hole-speckled drywall. (You just can’t seem to hit the board, can you?) There goes the money you were saving up for vacation. Now you have to fix the wall, hopefully before your spouse sees what you’ve done! This tragedy could have been prevented with the use of a Viper Defender II dartboard surround.

Introducing the Viper Defender, a protective foam surround for your dartboard, designed to save your wall from damage from steel tip darts. Its 4-piece construction takes seconds to set up, sliding around your existing 18″ bristle dartboard with a snug and secure fit. No need for any tools or installation hardware. The Defender provides an extra 5 to 10-3/4 inches of protection around your existing dartboard with its 1″ thick high-density V-foam. Your darts will not stick to your wall, or fall onto the floor when the Defender II is present, saving you hundreds on wall and floor repair, as well as dart tip replacement. The attractive velvet surface keeps your game room looking suave and professional, and it is fully reversible for lasting protection for years to come. Dartboard not included.


Fits any standard 18″ bristle dartboard

Provides up to 10-¾” of protection from stray darts

1″ thick high-density V-foam keeps darts from falling,protecting both floors and dart tips

Attractive velvet surface minimizes signs of wear

Compression fit – form fitting design holds tightly to the board