Target Pro Grip Polycarbonate Shafts - Purple Medium



Pro Grip Purple


The Pro Grip Shaft is one of the most popular shafts in the world. Specially moulded to provide a smooth lead in and offers fantastic strength in gripping flights to reduce fall outs.

The Pro Grip shaft also features a nib by the shaft petals to make it easier to slide your flights into the shaft.

Made from a specially formulated nylon compound, the Pro Grip shafts are incredibly durable.

Each Pro Grip shaft is also supplied with a Target Pro Grip ring for added flight grip.


Short – 31.0 (without threads) & 34.0mm (with threads)

Intermediate – 38.0 (without threads) & 41.0mm (with threads)

Medium – 45.0 (without threads) & 48.0mm (with threads)


2ba Size