Target 8 Flight Red Teardrop



Made in the heart of Japan, 8 Flight is a ground-breaking solution in moulded flight systems. Each flight is created with a perfect 90-degree angle which ensures flight performance consistency. The material features re-enforced edges to enhance flight performance and durability. Each flight is partnered with 8 Flight’s industry changing thread shaft system ensuring an unbreakable bond between your flight and shaft – meaning no flight drop outs during play. The unique 2-piece system also allows for interchangeable shaft capabilities, allowing you to mix up your shaft and flight system without needing a new flight.


Made in Japan – high quality material for great strength to weight ratio

Only compatible with 8 Flight Shafts

Secure fit – 8 Flight Shafts screw tightly to compatible 8 flights for an unbreakable bond between shaft and flight